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Digital Digest: Must-Reads from the Apigee Institute

Mar 24, 2014

"Digital Transformation: Re-Imagine from the Outside In"

By Accenture Interactive

As Apigee’s research and strategy arm, the Apigee Institute constantly combs through the reams of publications and articles about digital leadership and transformation. Periodically we’ll highlight something we find especially worthy of sharing.

Our inaugural must-read recommendation is “Digital Transformation: Re-imagine from the outside in” published by Accenture Interactive.

Accenture makes a strong case that digital transformation is a necessity for every business. As digital is “remaking how people live, work, play, and connect,” the most successful companies will embrace digital and carefully consider how to stay top-of-mind to its customers today and in the future.

These experiences must encompass digital because “customers have heightened expectations for superior and relevant interactions across all digital and physical channels at all times.”

It earns our must-read recommendation by offering specifics on what business and IT leaders can do to succeed at this, consistent with empirical benchmarks we’ve seen in our own research:

“Customer experience leaders know that digital is not about being technology-led. They accept and embrace digital realities and think, rethink, and think again about how to be relevant to current and future customers—from creating new experiences and service models to transforming the business," the Accenture report said. "For most companies, digital transformation will require reorientation around an ‘outside-in’ lens to deliver enduring customer relevance at scale.”

As we’ve shared in our report “KPIs, Conviction, and Competitive Advantage,” today’s digital leaders are outperforming their competitors on outcomes including customer satisfaction, market share, and revenue. This is driven in part by the fact that they intensely embrace adapting to the rapid changes in their operating environment; digital leaders view this as a competitive necessity.

We also see a clear pattern for how IT decision makers describe the IT organization at their company. Digital leaders were much more likely to describe their IT organization as “outside in” and “customer-centric.” The Accenture piece delivers solid evidence of why and useful guidance on how to move in this direction.


Apigee Institute research found that digital leaders are far more likely to describe IT as "outside-in"


“Digital Digest: Must-Read Recommendations from the Apigee Institute” is an ongoing series that will feed into a Digital Leadership Review to be published by the Apigee Institute.

By joining the Institute community of practice, you will have opportunities to recommend and discuss publications.  If you are a business or technology practitioner or researcher, we welcome and encourage you to join us.



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