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The Digital Retailer: Finding and Engaging your Customers (webcast & podcast)

Dec 04, 2014

Traditional retailers are under assault from the demands of the digital economy. The power is shifting from the enterprise to consumers, who are demanding interactive, personalized experiences, wherever they are, whenever they need it. For these consumers, a different retailer is just a click away.

In this webcast, Accenture's Norman Woodard and Apigee’s Brian Pagano describe the latest technologies retail companies use to analyze and understand their customers—where they are, on which channels and devices, and how they interact with the retailer. They also explore how building deep insights about customers' context helps retailers provide the relevant, individualized experiences that increase customer engagement.

Norman and Brian also discuss:

  • Consumer trends and the opportunities for retailers

  • Evolving legacy systems with adaptive apps and APIs

  • Achieving success as a digital retailer

  • Retailers that have already started their digital journey

Accenture and Apigee are strategic partners. Learn more about Apigee's Digital Partner Program here.


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