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The Digital Transformation Journey

New ebook
Jan 25, 2018

Digital transformation has been all the rage the last few years, with virtually every enterprise feeling the heat to reinvent itself for the modern age. Just look at this Google Trends chart for the phrase “digital transformation”:

The problem is, when a term becomes this popular, it starts to mean a lot of different things—which inevitably leads to it meaning almost nothing.

Does digital transformation mean building mobile apps? Offering wearables? Generating efficiencies with the cloud? Using chatbots? Hiring lots of developers? Using platforms? Becoming a platform? Modeling yourself after Google or Amazon or Netflix? All of that? None of it?

As the questions pile up and grow more complex, you can practically feel CEOs and CIOs around the world pulling out their hair.

The digital transformation misnomer 

This ambiguity is a significant reason why businesses have had uneven success in their digital transformations, despite spending more and more on IT. It’s also why we wrote our new ebook, The Digital Transformation Journey.

Informed by Apigee’s work with hundreds of enterprise customers, The Digital Transformation Journey is both:

  • a standalone examination of the nuts and bolts that make organizations successful in today’s economy.
  • a complement to Apigee Compass, a free tool we recently released to help businesses measure their transformation efforts with a digital score and accelerate their progress with curated recommendations.

One of the key themes in The Digital Transformation Journey is that “digital transformation” itself may be something of misnomer. There is no finite journey from point A to point B, and there is no single transformation from one thing into another. Successful transformation efforts aren’t about any single technology or business model.

Rather, when businesses really succeed at what we broadly refer to as “digital transformation,” they gain the technical and operational agility to adapt to perpetual change. The pace of technological change isn’t going to slow down. Customer expectations are only going to get harder to satisfy.

The ability to “transform” must be baked into a company’s business models. Digital journeys only end when companies go out of business. For those that continue to compete, there will always be a new platform or a new interaction model.

Accelerate your digital evolution

Adapting to this world of perpetual business evolution requires changes throughout the organization, from corporate visions that lay out goals and foundations, to the metrics and processes used to drive internal alignment, to the tools used to execute over the “last mile.”

Like Apigee Compass, The Digital Transformation Journey dissects this process into ten core dimensions: platform, APIs, outside-in, ecosystem, leadership, funding, metrics, software development lifecycle, talent, and self-service.

Grounded in real-world examples including Apigee customers Walgreens, Ticketmaster, Magazine Luiza, AccuWeather, and Pitney Bowes, these dimensions illustrate how companies can continue to leverage their core competencies while delivering them via new channels and ecosystems required by the modern world.

Help your business accelerate its digital evolution. Dive into your copy of The Digital Transformation Journey today. Take 3 minutes to get tailored recommendations for your company through Apigee Compass.

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