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Driving Digital Success: Three ROI Criteria for Competitive Advantage (video & slides)

Aug 02, 2013

Choosing ROI criteria that drive smart decisions about digital investments is necessary to win in the app economy. But according to an Apigee Institute survey of IT and Marketing executives, there is a wide gap between what corporate leaders believe are the best ROI metrics and what are actually used in most enterprises today. Those who move first to bridge the gap will be able to move further and faster towards digital transformation and market leadership.

In this webcast, Bryan Kirschner and Sam Ramji took a deep dive into patterns and practices for digital ROI that drive more confident decision making and stronger results based on empirical analysis of 200 large companies. Check out the video and slides for a discussion about the following topics and more:

  • How top performers evaluate and make decisions about digital investments using data analytics, by deploying apps, and operating APIs
  • Building alignment between Marketing and IT around effective ROI criteria
  • Achieving a balance across measures of internal capability, financial returns, and strategic impact

Download the Three ROI Criteria for Competitive Advantage report from the Apigee Institute.


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