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Easily Expose SOAP Services as RESTful APIs - Apigee Enterprise Product Update

Jun 19, 2013

Our June 2013 update for the Apigee API Platform delivers a number of new features including the ability to easily build a REST endpoint for a SOAP back-end service. The wizard based approach makes it easy to model your SOAP API as REST, with meaningful resource names and verbs generated from the SOAP operations.

Check out this short video for a summary.

Apigee Enterprise: Easily Exposing SOAP Services as RESTful APIs from Apigee on Vimeo.
Product Manager, Rakesh Saha

Check out the full release notes for the June 2013 (v4.22) release of Apigee Enterprise and product documentation. As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. You can reach us on the User Forum.

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