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Equinix: "Apigee has Made APIs Easy to Develop and Secure"

Jun 19, 2015

Brian Lillie, chief technology officer at Equinix, recently spoke with us about how Apigee powers Cloud Exchange, which enables seamless, on-demand, direct access to multiple clouds from multiple networks and to the top cloud service providers.

"We selected Apigee across a number of competitors," Lillie said. "We felt they were the strongest, they have a very good management team, and they have customers that are much, much larger than Equinix." 

Scalability, security, and the Apigee Insights predictive analytics offering were other key components that drove the data center company to partner with Apigee, he added. 

"Apigee has made APIs easy to develop and secure," Lillie said. "They roll up their sleeves, they get the job done, and they are easy to work with. They're our kind of people."

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