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Feb 23rd Open API Meetup: API Outlook for 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Tyler Hannan just announced the first Open API Meetup of the year.  The API Outlook for 2011 is set for Feb 23rd at the Apigee SF office . This month's line up is:

  • Andrew Mager of SimpleGeo will present on lessons learned from building their geolocation platform.
  • Abraham Williams, Hacker Advocate at Answerly, will present "Please Feed the Unicorns," on attracting and building a developer community.
  • Daniel Hobbs, from CBSi's platform team, will present on their work with APIs.
  • One, or more, additional speakers to be announced shortly (maybe it will be you? :-)

We'll also discuss using APIMeetup.com for the meetup speaker slides, video, and other content.  Still a work in progress but looking forward to building this out with the API community.

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