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Glh: Disrupting the Hotel Model with APIs

Mar 15, 2016

When hotel management company Glh went live with its first API (a hotel room availability API), it expected a trickle of interest. It got a torrent.

“We partnered with a travel agency and we thought we’d get a hundred calls. We got 150,000 calls a day, seven days a week,” said Glh enterprise architect Matthew Newton. “It took us completely by surprise.”

Glh was prepared, however. Its room availability API was running on Apigee Edge, which enabled the company’s API team to instantly see the high traffic and adjust accordingly without disrupting its back-end systems, Newton said.

“Apigee provides a brilliant platform to physically run our API on,” he said during an interview at I Love APIs 2015. “That’s been instrumental in making sure that … we haven’t been pulled back by small snags.”

APIs are playing a key role in helping Glh in its push to “disrupt the traditional hotel management model … and enrich the customer experience,” Newton added. 

APIs "get so many conversations started,” he said. “They are simple enough for everyone to understand; they are technical enough for those people that know how to use them to make real inroads and developments. It answers the question of ‘How can we get all of this information to work together?’"

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