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Glh Hotels: Instant ROI with APIs

Jun 23, 2016

Successful investments in technology require a clear return—the faster, the better.

This holds particularly true in the hyper-competitive hospitality industry. For Chris Hewertson, chief technology officer at the U.K.’s glh Hotels, investing in an API management platform very quickly produced some very tangible results.

For one, APIs enabled glh to eliminate the intermediaries that commonly help hotels connect to online travel agents—the source of the majority of room reservations for the company.

“What we are focused on is improving our room rate for every room we have in our hotels,” Hewertson said. “Anything we can do to reduce costs [and] transaction fees for those bookings, we do, and the API is helping us to do that.”

In addition to simplifying the way the company connects to online travel agents, glh uses APIs to develop digital services that simplifies integration with complex legacy infrastructure. The Apigee API platform has opened the door to development of a range of digital services that gives glh a competitive edge, and offers new value to customers—all at a much faster pace than before, Hewertson said.

“Apigee brought a lot of learnings to us that helped us fast-track,” he said. “It helped us get to market and get something out there quickly … considering that we had never done API development before, it was critical to us.”

For more on this topic, read the eBook: "Delivering Customized Experiences in Travel and Hospitality."

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