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Gogo Case Study: APIs as Competitive Advantage (webcast & podcast)

Jul 30, 2014

What does it mean to embark on an API journey? How does an API initiative and digital strategy impact your business, your partners, and your customers? How do you measure the success of a digital program?

In this webcast, Gogo executive Brad Jaehn and Apigee’s Dan Tortorici discuss Gogo’s journey to becoming everyone’s favorite part of flying and allowing travelers to get online, in air. Learn how Gogo’s API initiative is enabling the full digital experience for the company's airline partners and, in turn, for passengers, crew, and aircraft.

Brad and Dan also discuss:

  • the obstacles to getting started on an API journey and why it is critical to address them early
  • the value that an API strategy brings to both the technical and the business sides of an enterprise
  • actionable insights gained through data of API traffic and application uses
  • critical internal and external drivers of an API strategy



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