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Hiring great people to run your API program: Where to start?

Chet Kapoor
Apr 04, 2012

Customers ask us all the time "How do we hire great people to run our API program?"

We tell them the same thing we think about when hiring at Apigee. It's about passion and it's about finding people who can work with context, not control.

We lead with passion, not with skills or profiles. We look for people who get what we're doing at a deep level. We focus on how we function as a company. And great hires for API programs are often found from within, or from the ranks of the folks who are already passionate about the approach/program.

Skills and job profiles will get you only so far - passion and talent will take you all the way.

Just like our customers, we serve new constituents every day. We look for people who can explore new boundaries and solve hard problems; people who can make decisions every day with general direction and in a given context.

This is why we also look to hire people that thrive in an environment of context, not control. People who can build the context and have the judgement to take action based on their knowledge of the business problem at hand versus needing a 'command and control' structure.

Context, not control is a huge shift from the leadership and management styles of the past. Netflix continues to be one of the pioneers of this approach and describes it really well here. More on this soon.

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