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How to Benchmark Your Digital Success

Analyze your progress versus digital leaders on 25 key metrics
Oct 02, 2015

The jury is in. CEOs are calling out digital strategy as an engine of growth for the entire enterprise. World-class research organizations are documenting individual cases as part of a broader trend: stronger digital capabilities are associated with higher margins and greater revenue. The threat of digital disruption is becoming a board-level agenda item.

Using Apigee Institute survey data from more than 1,300 executives and decision-makers in large companies, we identified patterns and practices associated with digital success and created a self-service benchmarking tool.

In less than ten minutes, you can benchmark where your organization stands compared to today’s digital leaders on 25 key characteristics across five areas: conviction, IT practices, management practices, digital capabilities, and business impact.

The new framework, “Digital Leadership 2015: Making a Difference,” puts benchmark scores into context with what distinguishes digital leaders from laggards, perspective from I Love APIs 2015 speakers, and relevant I Love APIs 2015 sessions.

Use your organization’s benchmark score to home in on what capabilities your company needs to catch up, keep pace, or pull ahead—and plan your personal conference agenda.

Don’t go it alone—use your benchmark score and the framework to facilitate a conversation across functions and departments, and recruit colleagues to join you at I Love APIs 2015.

I Love APIs 2015 is all about “digital acceleration now.” From speaking digital with your board to booting up two-speed IT to avoiding digital self-destruction, attending the conference will help you capitalize on your digital successes or overcome the roadblocks that have slowed your transformation journey.


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