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How to Build an API Initiative That Doesn’t Suck

New eBook: The Survival Guide for Digital Business
Aug 30, 2016

In our conversations with hundreds of customers and partners over the past seven years, we’ve come across many common patterns that speed companies on their way to building successful and agile digital businesses. 

We've also identified numerous pitfalls along this path, whether it’s assembling an API team stuck in a middleware mindset, following a misguided investment philosophy, or employing the wrong API program metrics.

Want to learn about what works and what doesn't? Check out the new eBook, “How to Build an API Initiative That Doesn’t Suck: The Survival Guide for Digital Business.”

It’s a compendium of best—and worst—practices around how companies adapt to new digital realities. It guides you through building your API team, choosing the right leadership, how to invest in your program, and more.

Download it now.




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