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Humana: APIs for Collaboration and Partnership

Mar 29, 2016

APIs enable organizations to quickly adapt to change. But sometimes change offers a powerful opportunity to adapt to APIs.

The Affordable Care Act provided just such an opportunity for Humana, said the healthcare firm’s digital transformation and API strategy leader Florin Fortis. 

“It’s this time of change that prompts people to be open and embrace a new mindset,” Fortis said. “It was a great opportunity for us to promote the API mindset. It created the opportunity for the API program to be an enabler and an accelerator."

The myriad changes sparked by the federal healthcare policy also laid the groundwork for a collaboration between lines of business and technologists at Humana, Fortis said. This is critical to the success of any API program, he argued.

“The benefit … is that you have multiple stakeholders with skin in the game, so they are likely to support you,” he said. 

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