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Hundred-Year-Old Companies in the Digital Economy: Pearson (webcast & podcast)

Mar 27, 2014

The digital economy is often viewed as the habitat of young, digital native companies. How can established companies compete? One hundred years ago, factory electrification and mass production advanced—and challenged—existing businesses. The survivors of that era now find new challenges and opportunities in today’s digital economy.

Join Allen Rodgers, director of Pearson eCollege’s developer network and API program, and Apigee’s Dan Tortorici in a fireside chat to learn how Pearson Higher Education and its eCollege division recognized their digital potential and overcame challenges to increase business agility and efficiency. Allen and Dan also discuss:

  • the business needs addressed by Pearson's initiatives
  • the company's organizational and social obstacles
  • how business and IT aligned for focus and efficiency
  • Pearson eCollege best practices and advice for beginning a digital journey

For more discussion about 170-year-old Pearson, the largest education and book publishing company, and other centenarian enterprises that are winning in the digital economy, check out Apigee's free eBook, "Digital Transformation: Getting in Shape for the Digital World."



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