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Digital Business
Get a digital score, learn what needs work,...
by John Rethans Aug 16, 2017
In our last two posts about Apigee Compass, we introduced the product’s ability to help enterprises navigate digital transformation, and we explored some of the problems Apigee Compass is designed to address... Read more
Learn how Apigee Compass actually works, and how it can accelerate your digital transformation.... Read more...
Digital Business
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Aug 14, 2017
AccuWeather has enjoyed great success sharing its top-notch weather forecast and warning data with partners via APIs. But when it wanted to broaden the scope of innovation to all developers, the company needed an easy... Read more
In this webcast, AccuWeather discu the strategy behind their decision to launch a developer portal and the technology and business considerations required to open up its APIs.... Read more...
Digital Business
How legacy mindsets and processes can stifle...
by John Rethans Aug 08, 2017
In a previous post, we introduced Apigee Compass, a new product that not only pinpoints an organization’s progress in its digital transformation but helps it chart a path forward. Here we’ll delve into a... Read more
Companies attempting to digitally transform risk failure because of the unseen impact of legacy mindsets,... Read more...
Digital Business
A new product to accelerate your digital...
by John Rethans Jul 26, 2017
Earlier this month, Apigee launched the beta of Apigee Compass, a new solution that not only pinpoints an organization’s progress in its digital transformation, but also helps it chart a path forward and... Read more
Pinpoint your organization’s progress in its digital transformation, see where you stand compared to others, and chart a path forward.... Read more...
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Jul 24, 2017
The allure of microservices is clear: shorter development time, continuous delivery, agility, and scalability are characteristics that all IT teams can appreciate. But microservices can increase complexity and require... Read more
Gartner’s Anne Thomas and Google Cloud’s Ed Anuff present a look at the state of microservices.... Read more...
Digital Business
How to clear security, visibility, and...
by Ed Anuff Jul 19, 2017
It sounds contradictory, but if your enterprise plans to scale in today’s digital-first world, it’s time to start thinking smaller.Today, many of the most innovative enterprises are scaling up their applications by... Read more
Just as microservices present new opportunities for organizational efficiency and growth, they also pose common stumbling blocks—chief among them security, usage and performance visibility, and agility/reuse. ... Read more...
Digital Business
by David Andrzejek Jun 28, 2017
With regulators around the globe pushing for more openness and competition via APIs, led by the European Commission’s PSD2, the payments industry is headed toward an API-powered, programmable future. There’s... Read more
Payments services provider Worldline recently announced that Apigee would be the cornerstone of its API strategy.... Read more...

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