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I ♥ APIs 2014: Sharing our Customers' Successes

Sep 12, 2014

At Apigee, we spend a lot of time thinking about our customers, and how to make them successful in the digital economy. As we reflect upon the I ♥ APIs 2014 conference that just wrapped up this week, it was gratifying—and humbling—to view the success of the event through the eyes of our customers and partners.

After all, even though this event was organized for our customers, it was, in large part, delivered by our customers. They shared powerful stories with all of us; many ended up in press reports from the conference, including pieces about Philips, Pearson, BBC, and Swisscom.

This video brings the conference experience to life:

Of course, Apigeeks had a few stories to tell, too. In his keynote, Chet showed us how adaptiveness is key to becoming a successful digital business.

Day two kicked off with Anant Jhingran's keynote. He unveiled the latest version of Apigee Insights and outlined just how businesses become adaptive. He also helped another packed auditorium of API lovers grasp the power of API-driven adaptive apps and how data scientists and developers can now collaborate.

With help from Apigee’s product and engineering team, Anant treated the audience to an engaging role-play that demonstrated how data scientists enable developers with powerful data models. We saw how data scientists, IT technologists, and API and app developers leverage technology advances and all play critical roles in building adaptive business.

We also surfaced some significant news during the conference, including the release of Apigee-127, new updates to Insights, and the introduction of Zetta, a new IoT platform that generated a good amount of buzz.

The dust has settled, Fort Mason is back to normal, but our customers’ and participants’ view on the possibilities of digital business will hopefully never be the same. Looking forward to doing it all—and more—again next year!









Check out the two video introductions to the keynotes!





























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