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The I Love APIs City Tour: Move from Disrupted to Disrupter

Feb 03, 2015

"Disruption happens when past proven practices no longer produce predictable results.”

Mark McDonald, Accenture

Consider some conspicuous cases of digital disruption: Blockbuster was fatally disrupted by Netflix, physical bookstores were fatally disrupted by Amazon. The same goes for newspapers and record companies—in all of these cases, the practices that incumbents had been using—to great success—became mismatched with their environment, and they failed to adapt.

When there’s a change in the market context, those who can adapt their organizational context to exploit it become the disrupters. Those who can’t are disrupted. We are well into a major change in market context driven by the proliferation of smart, connected devices and ubiquitous connectivity.

Consider the explosive growth of Uber. The service as we know it couldn’t exist until a large number of people started carrying connected GPS devices. Once smartphones became pervasive, Uber exploited this new resource to create a compelling improvement over the legacy experience of hailing a taxi.

Moving from a fear of digital distruption to becoming a disrupter is a journey accelerated with learning, and, to that end, in February I’ll be joining experts from Apigee and some of our amazing customers in cities around the United States at the I Love APIs City Tour, to share how companies can move from fearing digital disruption to becoming disrupters themselves. Please join us on the Tour, which we kicked off today in Chicago, and don’t feel left out if home for you is across the pond, as we’ll have a full day on digital transformation strategy at I Love APIs Europe in March.

In an upcoming post, we'll discuss several important facets of the new market context, versus the old. We'll explore how companies have fully embraced a few of them, and have, in turn, seized positions of digital leadership.




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