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The Importance of Making Your Big Data Insightful

Nov 08, 2013

With all the emphasis these days that’s placed on combing through the piles of potentially invaluable data that resides within an enterprise, it’s possible for a business to lose sight of the need to turn the discoveries generated by data analysis into valuable actions.

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Sure, insights and observations that arise from data analysis are interesting and compelling, but they really aren’t worth much unless they can be converted into some kind of business value, whether it’s, say, fine tuning the experience of customers who are considering abandoning your product or service, or modeling an abuse detection system to block traffic from malicious users.


Digging jewels like these out of piles of enterprise data is a process of many steps, considerations, and potential pitfalls, but it’s important for business stakeholders to have a grip on how the process works and the strategy considerations that go into data analysis. To find out more, read the full article, The Importance of Making Your Big Data System Insightful, published in Wired Innovation Insights.  Learn about the insights pipeline, the analytical last mile, the importance of a "data first" strategy, and partnerships. 

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