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The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Gunther Rothermel, SAP

Oct 16, 2014

Gunther Rothermel, SAP senior vice president and head of product unit integration and orchestration, visited with us in the Innovator Spotlight Studio at I ♥ APIs 2014 to discuss the changes the German enterprise software giant has observed—both inside the company and among its customers—as the world goes digital.

SAP has seen an evolution in the ways its customer installed base expects to do business, and has tuned its internal processes to keep pace, he said. Enterprise applications are of course still central to the company’s strategy, but “we want to go further,” he said.

“People want to consume software differently, so … we wanted to invest in usability and the simplicity of the software,” he said. A part of this push is the partnership announced in July between SAP and Apigee, Rothermel added.

“Apigee adds capabilities to the table which will help us get to this digital world; we bring applications and the HANA platform [SAP’s database management offering] to the table,” he said.

Together, Apigee and SAP can make it easier for the company’s customers to move into the digital future, Rothermel added.

“The ideas come from our customers, but we have to help make things easier,” he said.

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