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The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Jerry Wolfe, McCormick

Nov 13, 2014

McCormick & Co. CIO Jerry Wolfe spoke with us at  I ♥ APIs 2014 about the importance of APIs to the 125-year-old company’s growth.

The Maryland-based company manufactures, markets, and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, and condiments to retail outlets, food manufacturers, and foodservice businesses around the globe.

As it is for many long-established companies, growth had become increasingly challenging for McCormick, particularly in markets where the company had a well-established presence, Wolfe said.

“We found that consumers were looking for more variety in what they were eating,” he said. “We had the answers to those questions, but doing it digitally was where the difference was.”

McCormick launched Flavorprint, an online flavor recommendation tool that exposes data and services via APIs. Working with Apigee enables McCormick “to focus on creating the consumer experience, not creating a whole bunch of architecture to deliver it,” Wolfe said.

“Today we can go build partnerships, and I know we can deliver service at scale to those partnerships,” he said. “We can measure what we’re doing; we can understand where we have bottlenecks we have to resolve, and we can focus almost all our energy on building a great consumer experience.”

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