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The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Marie Austenaa, GSMA

Jan 15, 2015

Marie Austenaa, the head of GSMA's personal data program, discussed her organization's OneAPI program in an interview during I ♥ APIs 2014.

The OneAPI initiative enables mobile operator apps to exploit mobile network capabilties, including messaging, authentication, and payments, across operators. 

"With 800 operators, you can't have 800 APIs," Austenaa said. "Integration must be easy."

In her role, Austenaa sees several challenges that operators face. One is the notion of figuring out how build a business model around APIs. Another revolves around the need to cooperate.

"You can't compete with APIs," she said. "In this space, if you want to be relevant, you have to find ways to work together, insuring that the offering is consistent across the whole market, and thereby giving predictability.

"This is a new domain for many operators," she added.

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