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The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Matthew Newton, GLH

Jul 08, 2015

GLH enterprise architect Matthew Newton spoke with us at I ♥ APIs Europe about how the U.K. hotel management company set out upon its digital journey.

It all started with a competition, driven by GLH’s chief executive Mike DeNoma.

Three teams were assembled, each tasked with figuring out which technologies should power a modern hotel business model. They included operational leaders, procurement specialists, human resources employees—pretty much anyone but IT specialists, Newton said.

“For people like myself, to be excluded from the conversation—it did feel awkward,” Newton said. 

But the process shook up GLH's decisionmaking about which technologies mattered in a very positive way, Newton added.

“In very quick time, it repositioned the whole thought process around technology in our organization,” he said. “The decisions around what technologies we need to use as a business are now most definitely shared, but they’re actually primed by the people who will ultimately end up using it—and also paying for it.”

The process also brought Apigee to the table—first to help build an internal API proof of concept, and, after that initial success, as the platform that GLH will use to continue building its digital business.

Newton will join us in October to speak at I Love APIs 2015, the world’s largest event dedicated to APIs and digital business strategy.

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