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The Innovator Spotlight Interview: Paul Clark, ITV

May 21, 2015

Paul Clark, technology controller of online, interactive, and pay technology at ITV, spoke with us at I ♥ APIs Europe about how APIs have helped the U.K. broadcasting company quickly exploit new opportunities in a very competitive market.

For ITV, the oldest U.K. commercial network, APIs have solved a host of challenges, both inside the company and out. ITV employs APIs to replace interfaces between legacy systems to “simplify our estate,” as Clark puts it, and create much more direct and easy access to ITV’s systems of record. 

“This hugely increases the quality of our systems, because our integrational path is so much simpler,” Clark says. “If things go wrong, we know where they go wrong. And because you have fewer moving parts now, you have less things going wrong.

“It’s being reflected in our KPIs," he adds. "It’s been really successful."

ITV’s aim is to “make brilliant content” and sell it around the world, Clark says. But that goal is all but unachieveable with lumbering IT infrastructure. 

"The ability for us to change our business model—the abilty for us to exploit new opportunities that arise—is really the abilty for us to align our IT systems behind those opportunities,” Clark says. “So moving to a platform-based approach, where we have APIs that wrap our core systems, allows us to have more business agility."

After evaluating a handful of other providers, ITV turned to Apigee to provide an API management platform because it offered "the strongest software and the best documentation, so developers could use it very easily," Clark says. "It seemed to have a very bright future ahead of it and it really stood out as the product to choose."

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