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Innovator Spotlight Video: Kevin Toms, Philips Hue

Apr 08, 2014

"Philips doesn't have an exclusive on creativity, so by having an open API, we've allowed a lot more people to come up with their own ideas on how to use the product and make the product more interesting by providing a lot more functionality; that functionality has come from third parties who have invented new software and new apps to use the product.

Kevin Toms, developer program architect, Philips Hue

Kevin Toms, Philips’ developer program architect for the Hue programmable LED light,  sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 to discuss how this cutting-edge product introduced the electronics giant to the world of APIs.

“There was nothing in place,” he said. “A lot of people at Philips had been looking at opening up APIs on various products, but the Hue system broke new ground.

“We had to invent new ways of doing things,” he added.

The Hue light bulb enables app-driven interactions—remote switching, changing colors—with an API call. Philips opened the API to the world of developers in hopes of spurring innovation.

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