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Innovator Spotlight Video: Mike Redding, Accenture

Feb 18, 2014

We sat down with Mike Redding, senior managing director at Accenture Technology Labs, during I ♥ APIs 2013 to discuss how and why businesses should “platformize,” and take other important steps toward digital transformation.

Becoming a platform entails “thinking about how you get others to create on your behalf,” Redding says. He cited the fact that Apple gets 30 cents on the dollar for every app sold on their app store.

“It’s unleashing the creative energy of the entire marketplace versus hoping you can have all the creative energy yourself,” he says.

Creating a platform also requires thinking carefully about how customers view your business. Users expect a continuous and seamless experience with a business, whether the dialog is conducted through a smartphone, an Xbox, or a physical store. To customers, these are not separate channels, Redding says.

“Some traditional organizations are still organized around channel, and, as a result, the experience and the transaction are disparate and not seamless,” he says.

Asked what the Apigee partnership means for Accenture and its clients, Redding describes it as a combination of industry knowledge, experience, and delivery strength with a market-leading technology platform.

"That powerful one-two punch is what really helps our clients not just unlock the power but also unlock it quickly and effectively—there's a synergy that come from knowing that through the Accenture/Apigee collaboration, they are getting the A-team when it comes to seeing that their deployment is done and done well."

You can also check out Redding's keynote address, in which he helped Apigee's Chet Kapoor paint a picture for the I ♥ APIs audience of every business as a digital business, with chief digital officers leading enterprise innovation and transforming physical value networks into digital value networks.

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