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Innovator Spotlights: A Look Back at 2014

Dec 30, 2014

Whether it's their innovation in unlocking the power of data, their creation of omnichannel business models, or their developer evangelism, our customers, partners, and fellow travelers on the digital journey have used APIs to great success in 2014. We had the good fortune of speaking with several of these innovators during I ♥ APIs 2014, and hope you enjoy this retrospective of the interviews we've published so far.

Walgreens CTO Abhi Dhar discusses how digital leadership roles are evolving in the digital economy. 
Swisscom's John de Keijzer discusses the roles APIs play in the Swiss telecom's digital transformation.
Developer Media's Jeff Hadfield discusses a variety of topics on developing a designing a developer strategy.
SAP's Gunther Rothermel discusses the changes he sees—within the German software giant and without—as the world goes digital.
Target's Heather Mickman discusses how the retail company measures the success of its API program.
McCormick's Jerry Wolfe discusses the importance of APIs to the 125-year-old company's growth.
The Weather Underground's Brendan Hayes discusses the important role APIs play in sharing his company's weather data.
Twilio's Matt Makai discusses how the leader in voice and messaging APIs promotes adoption of its platform.
Independence Blue Cross CIO Somesh Nigam discusses the role of data analytics at the health insurer.
Wipro's Jaydip Sanyal discusses the IT services giant's API-first philosophy.
Pearson's Allen Rodgers dicusses the importance of creating a great experience for third-party developers.
Philips' Kevin Toms discusses the impact his team's work on the Hue lighting API has had on the larger organization.






















Many thanks to all of these innovators for opening up about their digital journeys. All of these videos and more are available on our Voices of Digital Business Pioneers YouTube playlist.


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