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Knocking Down Barriers to Digital Transformation (webcast & podcast)

Oct 30, 2014

APIs enable a digital business. Growing your API program from initial projects into a substantial program and ultimately an enterprise-wide platform involves much more than managing an ever-growing list of APIs and apps. As programs mature, teams face governance and organizational alignment challenges, cultural push back, conflicting funding priorities, and more.

In this webcast, Apigee's John Rethans, Michael Leppitsch, and Nick Katsivelos share the best practices for digital transformation they've collected as a result of facilitating and coaching alignment between business and IT for hundreds of Apigee’s Global 2000 customers.

Learn how to:

  • Help business stakeholders understand the value of an API platform
  • Build executive sponsorship support for digital initiatives
  • Structure your project to create business impact
  • Create agility for your business using a two-speed IT approach


Scaling Microservices