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Laying the Groundwork for a Successful API Program

Introducing the Digital Rapid Launch Workshop
Nov 09, 2016

The Rapid Launch Workshop was designed to help companies understand the patterns and coordination needed to build successful API programs. This isn’t about a technical solution or about integration—it has to do entirely with getting an organization to innovate more and beat its competitors.

The program is built upon learnings from the hundreds of API programs we’ve worked on with our customers. Over the past year, the Rapid Launch team has visited customers and prospects with our in-person collaborative workshop, with the aim of accelerating API programs on a path to successful launch.

To reach more prospects and customers and help them understand these success patterns and avoid the pitfalls, we’ve assembled the Digital Rapid Launch Workshop, a series of short videos that distill our in-person program.

Here’s a sampling of the topics we cover.

Outside-in mindset

The historical IT approach to providing data is to expose all the data available and then let someone else figure it out on how to use it. IT departments did this to survive—with a backlog of projects and the inability to move fast with heavy governance, they were simply trying to be efficient. Well, technology and APIs change the game.  

First, companies need to carefully consider what data is needed by developers—this is referred to as an “outside-in” approach. This shouldn’t be a vague request for data; it should be very detailed and aligned with what is known and needed today.  

Second, the information should be provided via APIs, as this makes it simple for app developers to consume data.

Finally, iterating on APIs is simple and using an agile approach enables changes to be made in hours. Move fast, build consumable APIs, and free the business to innovate.  

Efficient API teams

If the API team’s structure is based on loaning resources from vertically organized IT groups, failure is highly likely—or, at best, the API program will progress at a snail's pace. Build API teams that are all in the same boat: same manager, same incentives, same location. These small teams are built for speed—it’s the only way to move at the pace of digital business.

C-Level vision, support, and involvement

Building and understanding a vision is critical for digital programs. It’s equally important that this vision be aligned to the corporate strategy. Once set, key executives need to support and be actively involved in the API program’s progress; it’s imperative that they help remove roadblocks as teams tackle long-standing delivery challenges. It takes organizational disruption to begin delivering solutions in weeks instead of months.

Get started!

The Digital Rapid Launch Workshop aims to help organizations starting an API program—and those stuck in API programs that can’t deliver. Take time to watch this new video series, and then facilitate a workshop with your API teams and executives to start moving at lightning speed and begin delivering great customer experiences.

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