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LovePowerup: Peace, Love, and Mobile Apps

Dec 27, 2012

 When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
- Jimi Hendrix

LovePowerup is an iOS app (Android app expected in January) with which users participate in and track the power of love around the world. You can send love to people who need it and receive love when you need it. And every time someone sends or receives love, not only do they feel better, it increases the power of love in the world, bringing us all closer to world peace.

LovePowerup utilizes an advanced algorithm to determine who receives sent love. Although in the current version users remain anonymous, they are shown the city and country of the love’s sender or receiver. Users also have their own individual My Love page, which details all their user-specific activity.

LovePowerup was built by Moyo, a pioneering and leading mobile application developer dedicated to providing a positive impact on people’s digital experiences in business and life. Moyo’s clientele ranges from start-ups to fortune-500’s including Geico, Chillingo, Gree, OpenFeint, POM Wonderful, STA Travel, Apigee, U.S AirforcE and ArcLight. Moyo Inc. is based in Venice Beach, California.


We asked the Moyo team how they use Apigee’s free App Services to address development challenges.

“Everything that happens in the background of the LovePowerup app is powered by the main Apigee App Services components and infrastructure.

The user centric platform integrates seamlessly with API connectivity, without the typical challenges and constraints of client/server app development, allowing the team to quickly integrate and manage all server side features such as geo-location, Facebook and Twitter, with minimal server side coding.”

For more on LovePowerup download the iOS app, check the Facebook page, and look for the Android app in January 2013.


Apigee wishes you much love in 2013! 

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