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Magazine Luiza: An Omnichannel Strategy Built on APIs

Mar 07, 2016

For Brazil-based retailer Magazine Luiza, digital transformation had evolved from a question of “why,” to "when."

So said the company’s IT manager Thiago Catoto in an interview at I Love APIs 2015 when asked what sparked Magazine Luiza’s digital journey. The company realized that customers wanted to buy its products via new channels beyond the 750 physical stores it operates across the country. 

From improving the speed of its mobile apps with caching capabliities to helping the company create a platform to support an omnichannel retail business model, Apigee has played a significant role in Magazine Luiza’s digital transformation, Catoto said.

"All the information about the stores and inventory was in the backend ... it was real tricky to get information," he said. "When we do it with Apigee ... we just expose it with one API and then bam, we just connect and get the information."

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