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Magazine Luiza's Digital Transformation Manifesto

The Brazil retailer's digital success translates into explosive growth
Feb 23, 2017

Lots of CEOs issue great vision statements.

But it's not that often that they can back their words up with results.

In Magazine Luiza's annual management report, released this week, CEO Frederico Trajano issued a full-throated digital transformation manifesto.

It's doubly inspiring. Not only is Trajano's vision powerful, but Magazine Luiza, one of Brazil's leading retailers, is also delivering fantastic growth and results in the teeth of a major economic crisis in its home market.

While its competition is growing digital at 7%, Magazine Luiza's digital business is exploding at 40% quarterly growth, and driving traffic and growth in the company's 800 physical stores.

Download Magazine Luiza's 2016 management report here. It's definitely worth a few minutes of your time.


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