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Managing the Complexity of Microservices Deployments

Webcast replay
May 12, 2017

To rapidly deliver microservices to production, organizations are turning to infrastructure automation provided by a cloud-native platform, like Cloud Foundry. With a platform in place, every microservice team will have what they need to create a CI/CD pipeline that safely delivers applications to a production environment. The final ingredient for success is knowing the right patterns for connecting microservices together over HTTP using REST APIs.

In this webcast replay, Kenny Bastani from Pivotal and Prithpal Bhogill from Apigee dive into a reference architecture that demonstrates the patterns and practices for securely connecting microservices together using Apigee Edge integration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

This session covers:

  • basics for building cloud-native applications as microservices on Pivotal Cloud Foundry using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Services
  • patterns and practices that are enabling small autonomous microservice teams to provision backing services for their applications
  • how to securely expose microservices over HTTP using Apigee Edge for PCF

To learn more, read the Apigee eBook, "Maximizing Microservices."  


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