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Managing Sensitive Information in an API and Microservices World

Webcast replay
Oct 10, 2016

As enterprises begin to share their sensitive data through APIs, the ability to enforce authorization and non-repudiation of data with full visibility and traceability is critical for corporate compliance and viability. Comapnies need to manage data sovereignty through an end-to-end chain of custody through workloads, APIs, and end users.

In this webcast, Apcera's Peter Miron and Apigee's Josh Norrid discuss how to: 

  • connect applications and systems across APIs and multiple clouds using identity management and access protocols
  • explore policy as code to create a verified, tamper-proof auditable log trail for application composition, resources, scheduling, and communication
  • trust your device, workload, and platform integrations while accelerating time to market for new IoT and messaging applications as well as critical business services



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