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MapQuest: Hyperfocused on the Developer Experience

"Our sole purpose in life is to create great APIs"
Dec 16, 2015

About two years ago, digital mapping company MapQuest decided to become an API business. With that shift, the Denver-based company became “hyperfocused” on creating a much better developer experience, said MapQuest general manager Brian McMahon. A major part of that push involved simplifying the process of using its APIs.

“Our sole purpose in life is to create great APIs,” said McMahon, who sat down with us at I Love APIs 2015. The transformation has been succesful so far, with one measure being the Digital Accelerator Award that MapQuest won for “Best Developer Experience.”

The company, which has 40 million monthly users, has come a long way from the days when developers actually had to send MapQuest a fax in order to receive an API key, McMahon said. 

Thanks to Apigee, MapQuest also is able to analyze the reams of data about the developers who build on its APIs.

“We had thousands of developers using our platform, but we had no idea who they were, what they were using, or why they were using it,” McMahon said. “Partnering with Apigee, we have a much more detailed understanding."

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