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Microservices Done Right

New eBook: Microservices Need API Management
Dec 01, 2016

Is your company scaling up its applications by breaking them up into smaller pieces, and deploying on cloud? Are you sharing and reusing services widely across the organization and outside—well beyond the development team you scrum with? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you've got microservices.

When you’re talking about sharing services, you’re talking APIs. All microservices have APIs. But companies have struggled with security, with a lack of visibility into usage and performance of the microservices APIs, and with building agile microservices for clean reuse.

Managed microservices are the solution; companies are making strategic investments in API management platforms for their microservices success.

In the eBook, "Microservices Done Right: Microservices Need API Management," learn about why and how enterprises need to manage their microservices—in the same way that they manage their APIs.

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