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Mobile Holiday Shoppers Warn Retailers

Martha Jager
Aug 31, 2012

Mobile apps are transforming the way we all live, work and play – and APIs are the "magic ingredients" in apps.

To underscore the growing significance of apps (and APIs) in our everyday lives, we recently conducted a survey with Harris Interactive of over 2,000 Americans about mobile apps and holiday shopping.  The results suggest, not surprisingly, that apps are extremely important to consumers - and to retailers.

82% said there are major benefits to shopping on a mobile device, including conveniently browsing for deals, comparing prices and even secretive shopping.  57% are considering purchasing holiday gifts like books and electronics on a mobile device this shopping season.

And retailers take heed: more than half of the mobile app users surveyed said that are serious consequences of *not* providing an app.  Some of these consequences could even be brand-altering, such as "It makes me think the retailer is old fashioned" and "It could hurt my loyalty to the store." No retailer wants to be seen as old school or lose valuable customers. These survey results suggest that a mobile app could help retailers reduce these risks.


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