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Morningstar: "APIs are Critical to our Strategy"

May 28, 2015

Greg Goff, chief technology officer at Morningstar, recently spoke with us about how Apigee has helped the investment research firm deliver feeds and fund and equity ratings to its customers quickly, reliably, and scalably, regardless of how they want to consume this data.

“I look at APIs as critical to our strategy,” Goff says. “The reality is, that’s the way the world is going—it’s going toward fast application building, it’s going toward real-time consumption—and if you’re not in the API space, you are missing out on all those trends.”

Apigee provides Morningstar with the operational stability, reliable support, and flexible platform required for the Chicago-based firm to provide real-time market data to clients in any format, Goff adds.

“I have confidence that we are on a good foundation, and Apigee provides us a lot of that foundation,” he says.


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