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Morningstar: Building Excitement with APIs

Jan 05, 2016

APIs are nothing new to Morningstar. The Chicago-based investment data and research provider has been using internal APIs for a very long time, said the company’s head of architecture and core services Steve Engelhardt. 

What is new is Morningstar’s push to gain better control, governance, and visibility with its APIs, and expose them in a way that makes building apps against them easy for internal and external developers alike, Englehardt told us during I Love APIs 2015.

“We want a platform that can help us bring this vision together—a single, common, global API platform that helps us expose our APIs together, provides developer portals, authentication, analytics, abuse detection and prevention. So we chose Apigee,” he said.

Fostering the ability for developers to take the powerful data that Morningstar provides and mash it up into new experiences is a key goal, Engelhardt added.

“As an API provider, when you see all the applications people built using your APIs, and they use it in creative ways that you never expected, that’s really exciting,” he said.

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