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New Apigee Institute Report: Lessons from the App Masters

Aug 12, 2014

Enterprise IT, as we have come to know it, is broken. The patterns and practices IT leaders learned to build and manage systems of record are incompatible with the new business imperative to deliver systems of engagement (decentralized cloud-based systems that  enable interaction and innovation with peers and partners) at the pace the market demands.

IT leaders stand at a crossroads. How they respond may drive a bigger and more direct contribution to competitive advantage than ever before—or it might impede their company’s ability to build the fundamental capabilities necessary to stay viable in the digital world. The stakes are high for IT leaders and for the enterprise: companies that have built strong capabilities to deploy apps, operate APIs, and use data analytics are outperforming those that have not.

In the new research report, Lessons from the App Masters, the Apigee Institute reveals patterns for success with one such capability: building and deploying apps. 

View the press release.

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