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New Apigee Institute Research: The Deep Impact of Smartphones and Apps

Feb 19, 2015

Smartphone owners continue to be enamored of their phones and their apps, and show no signs of slowing down. Data released today from the Apigee Institute’s 2014 Digital Impact Survey shows that smartphone owners in the United States and United Kingdom have been deeply affected by their devices, to the point that many have come to depend upon them.

The survey shows that mobile devices have significantly changed many facets of users’ lives:

·      92% reported that having a smartphone has altered how they connect with friends

·      58% said it has changed how they manage their health

·      49% said it has changed how they date

·      84% of shoppers said it has changed how they shop

·      78% of people who use banks said it has changed how they bank

·      70% of TV viewers said it has changed how they watch TV and movies

·      65% of employees said it has changed how they do their job

The survey shows that this is not a momentary wave, but a true paradigm shift. As the graph below shows, nearly everyone is planning to spend at least as much time on their mobile device as they do today, and some plan on increasing.

Regardless of how long people have used smartphones, there is no real drop-off in intention to increase their mobile device use. This trend is very similar when it comes to users’ anticipation of spending on mobile devices, and the number of apps downloaded. 

For a closer look at the importance of smartphones and apps to retailers, read the Apigee Institute report, "Run, Don't Walk: Chasing Customer Expectations in Retail."

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