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New eBook Series: Why APIs? and What's Your Problem?

Oct 30, 2014

For businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey, there are many questions to be answered.

Mobile devices have created an extraordinary channel through which to reach customers, right in the palms of their hands. And internal expectations have evolved, too, driven by the consumerization of IT, the BYOD revolution, and the possibility of digitizing internal processes.

Even if these trends are recognized by an organization, how can it capitalize on these shifts?

APIs are the solution.

But even that answer prompts more questions.  

Why APIs? Where do you start, and what might your first API initiative look like?


The answers lie within a new, two-part series of business briefs:

Smart businesses align their strategies with the habits and needs of their customers and employees, but what's the right way to meet their evolving expectations?

There's more than one kind of API initiative that organizations put in place to add the digital dimension. What's the right way to get started with an API program?

Scaling Microservices