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New U.K. Digital Business Survey: An App Isn't Enough

May 27, 2015

Technology continues to revolutionize all aspects of our lives. As a result, businesses are experiencing a fundamental shift in customer expectations. Every business must “get digital”—not only to be successful but to remain competitive.  

Today Apigee released the findings from our 2015 U.K. Digital Business Survey Snapshot, a research report that investigates the current state of digital transformation within U.K. enterprises. Our survey of more than 250 senior IT decision makers across retail, financial services, telecommunications, and travel and tourism in the U.K. found that companies that are investing in a combination of apps, APIs, and analytics are eight times more likely to report increased revenue than those who delivered apps alone.

The median reported increase in revenue from digital across all respondents is £487,000, but among those that have combined all three digital capabilities, this median rises to a striking £9,000,000.

It’s powerful evidence that effective digital transformation comes from implementing a combination of apps, APIs, and analytics. Consumers are interacting with brands in different ways (both online and offline) and doing so on multiple devices.

It’s vital that this customer journey is made as fluid as possible, while also ensuring that these interactions provide the data that helps businesses understand more about their customers, learn and iterate quickly, and deliver real value.

The survey also found that:

  • 81% of senior IT decision makers regard boosting digital capabilities as a top-five goal

  • 71% said their companies deployed mobile apps in 2014

  • 76% aim to create a more connected digital experience for customers in 2015

As this research shows, a majority of UK businesses agree that digital transformation is now a business essential and is key to providing the most flexible and valuable customer experience possible. Data is at the heart of developing a digital business, and those who took action on apps, APIs, and analytics together in 2014 are not only reaping greater top-line benefits than those who did not, but are also enjoying a stronger ability to innovate quickly.

Learn more by downloading the full report.

Image: Simple Icons/The Noun Project

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