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Nike: Fueling Incredible Growth With Digital

Jul 01, 2015

Nike last week posted blowout Q2 earnings—the company crushed it, and investors responded by pushing Nike shares to a new all-time high Friday.

In the Nike earnings call, CEO Mark Parker highlighted two areas of investment that have accelerated Nike’s growth. The first was its women's business, and the second was Nike’s digital strategy.

As you read excerpts of Parker's comments from the call, think about your own company's digital strategy. Are the investments you’re making building an ecosystem of partners, products, and services to reach your customers? Are you personalizing experiences to engage customers in new and relevant ways?  

“We see digital as an integrated ecosystem of digital communication with consumers, digital products, and services to inspire and motivate, and of course, e-commerce. All 3 dimensions work together to deliver premium, personalized experiences for our consumers and drive growth for NIKE. Consumers are engaging with technology in new ways. It's transforming the sport experience and the way in which we connect with them."

“Athletes are getting a better understanding of themselves and their potential than they've ever had before. And we're able to connect personally with more consumers than ever. Digital is where the consumer is today and where they will be going forward. And we're excited about the potential of leveraging digital technology to further drive innovation and continue to deliver increasingly seamless digital experiences for our consumers."

“Going a little bit deeper on e-commerce, it continues to deliver, with growth of 65% for the quarter. Our investments in infrastructure are really paying off in this space. We're making it easier for consumers to buy our products and we're presenting the brand in the most premium way. With opportunity for even more innovation and expansion into new markets, this really is just the beginning of what's possible for NIKE.com. E-commerce is, without a doubt, one of our biggest and most important growth opportunities, and it will be for years to come.”

We’re very excited about how Nike has transformed itself into a digital platform for innovation and customer engagement. Again and again, we’ve seen the power of building platform business models and digital ecosystems, and we’re committed to helping our customers execute their digital transformation strategies successfully.

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