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OFX: Opening Up for Payments Innovation with Apigee

Craige Pendleton-Browne
Dec 04, 2017

As a leader in the payments space, OFX powers some of the biggest names in global money transfer. Now we’re proud to announce that we’re opening up our API to partners and developers to foster long-term digital payment innovation.

OFX is striving to broaden the innovation that the Payment API can spark by giving developers first-hand access to fast, simple, and efficient better-than-bank exchange rates that can integrate with existing business processes.

Innovation with market-leading exchange rates

The main objective was to build a solution that enabled partners to use services seamlessly so that they could automate international invoices, payroll, and mass supplier payments, and enable their business to grow. With a dedicated developer portal at the heart of the strategy, partners and developers get access to a developer community, and best of all, the security of competitive exchange rates in 55+ currencies from an ASX-listed company.

Built on the Apigee API platform, the dedicated OFX developer portal grants developers turnkey access to market-leading exchange rates and the ability to create new and exciting applications.

After much research, OFX selected Apigee as their platform partner to allow for scale and the provision of a consistent developer experience. It’s now a key part of the OFX digital ecosystem. The portal enables self-service through a personalised dashboard to create and manage applications with plug-and-play RESTful APIs and clear documentation, so developers benefit from an end-to-end intuitive experience.


Speedy partner integration

With a 24/7 team on hand to support new customers and a developer community,  great service availability uptime, high industry-standard SLAs, and comprehensive getting started guides, OFX is excited to bring on new partners who are looking for international growth.   

Early adopters at Octet have seen immediate process efficiencies after a seamless integration.   

“Our developers were confident that the OFX Payments API was simple and easy to work with  and superior to the alternatives on the market. Once the decision was made, we were integrated within a couple of working days,” said Octet chief operating officer Michael Rom. “We saw our processing costs drop significantly in six months.”

Register today and give our developer portal a try.

Craige Pendleton-Browne is chief technology officer of OFX, an online foreign exchange and payments services provider headquartered in Sydney, Australia. OFX is the modern way for today’s global citizens and businesses to make payments and send money to more than 190 countries, 24/7.

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