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Orange: API Management for Scale and Speed

May 17, 2016

APIs are nothing new to Orange, which has been employing the technology for a decade. But a few years ago, the leading telco service provider realized that to achieve the scale and agility needed to meet growing customer expectations, something more was required. 

That something was API management, and all the security, scalability, agilty, and revenue opportunities provided by a leading solution, said Patrice Slupowsky, Orange’s vice president of digital innovation.

“We tried to do that ourselves, but we wanted to have something really scalable and quick to implement,” he said. “This is why we were happy to find and use a market solution."

Apigee powers the Orange Partner program, which exposes a portfolio of APIs that enable developers and partners to build apps using Orange’s core networks and services.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to develop partnerships with big or small companies at no cost in terms of implementation,” Slupowski said.

The benefits have been powerful, he added.

“Compared to the situation before, where we were creating partnerhips and entering into months of implementation dicusssions, it’s really tailored to today’s needs,” he said.  “Business and implementation has to go very fast."

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