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Philips HealthSuite: The API Platform as Accelerant

Dec 09, 2016

When Philips Healthcare markets its new cloud-enabled platform of devices, apps, and digital tools, this platform’s ability to offer smart, meaningful, and seamlessly connected health solutions and experiences is a key message.

But there’s another critical piece of the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform story that’s helping to propel it to the cutting edge: speed of delivery. And an API platform is the key accelerant, according to Dale Wiggins, general manager of the HealthSuite platform.

API management enables developers who create digital tools for HealthSuite to focus less on technology logistics and more on doing what they do best: building innovative health data apps for the patients and consumers seeking digital solutions to their healthcare needs.

“Each new developer doesn’t have to worry about re-learning that same exercise over and over again,” Wiggins said. “We don’t have some group coming in with some great new idea about how they’d like to do API management.

“As we often say, ‘A platform eliminates a degree of freedom,’ and that can really help in terms of time to market.”

In other words, the simple consistency that an API platform helps speed new digital products to market quickly, Wiggins added.

“It’s a consistent way to provide security, it’s a consistent way by which we can monitor what’s going on in the system,” he said. “That consistency of approach really allows our developers to bring new functionality to market very quickly.”

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