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Pitney Bowes and APIs: Tools of the Trade for Craftsmen of Commerce

Jun 09, 2016

"Our roadmap for the future is to digitize almost every aspect of Pitney Bowes' technologies and capabilities and we've just begun to leverage the power of a modern API platform."

—Roger Pilc, Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes has been powering the transactions that drive commerce since 1920. The Stamford, Conn.-based company is in the midst of a remarkable transformation focused on using modern digital technology to deliver a broad set of digital ecommerce capabilities, enable extensive partnerships, and optimize its own operations.

Roger Pilc, Pitney Bowes' chief innovation officer, sat down with us recently to talk about the company’s journey to equip it for a new century of commerce.

Pitney Bowes powers billions of transactions across the physical and digital landscape with solutions that include mailing and shipping, customer information management, customer engagement, location intelligence, and global ecommerce. The company uses APIs and Apigee to help deliver new, data-powered digital solutions to customers, and to enable partners and its internal developers to build new products quickly.

Leveraging the Apigee API management platform, the company has extended its location intelligence services and applications to a broad suite of capabilities that they call the "location developers hub." Pitney Bowes' largest digital business is global ecommerce; it operates almost entirely from the web and behind APIs—serving large marketplaces such as eBay and over 300 of the best-known global retail brands.

The company's recently announced global trade solutions for cross-border commerce are also offered from the web behind modern RESTful APIs. In addition to using APIs to digitize mailing, shipping, and accompanying financial services, Pitney Bowes has embarked on an exciting IoT initiative, collecting data from postage meters and providing analytics and services that enable clients to get more value from mailing machines.

The company’s API initiative benefits its clients in several ways, Pilc said. Pitney Bowes can deliver more powerful and valuable solutions by combining technologies and capabilities; customers can consume technology and products more easily; and partners can onboard quickly and can more easily integrate Pitney Bowes’ products and technologies into their own products and workflows.

APIs are important tools of the trade for these craftsmen of commerce. Thanks to Roger for spending time with us. We're proud to be part of Pitney Bowes digital journey.

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