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Pitney Bowes: Unlocking and Monetizing Data with APIs

How the century-old company espouses "frictionless engagement"
Dec 11, 2015

Pitney Bowes, a nearly 100-year-old provider of eCommerce, shipping, and mailing products, is in the midst of a digital transformation.

“Pitney Bowes is a manufacturing company that has technology and is in the midst of a transformation to become a technology company that does manufacturing,” said Jon Spinney, director of project management at Pitney Bowes Software. 

We sat down with Spinney at I Love APIs 2015 to discuss how Pitney Bowes employs APIs and how the company partners with Apigee. 

Because of its leadership position in digital commerce solutions, the company has assembled 240 unique data sets that it aims to expose in modern ways, rather than the “clip, zip, and ship” model of days past, Spinney said. 

“We’ve got a unique opportunity to expose those assets in modern ways; in frictionless kinds of engagement scenarios so customers can work with us in the way that they want to,” he said. 

APIs are key to enabling this kind of engagement. Working with Apigee, Pitney Bowes plans to introduce a shipping API, along with various payments APIs. 

“When you have these kinds of services and other partners have them, you can … build an ecosystem and a community around those," Spinney said. “My end goal for any API offer is to be able to tell my story by telling my customer's story, because their stories are always the most powerful ones to tell."

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