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The Power of Internal API Programs (webcast & podcast)

Apr 24, 2014

Digital enterprises have developed powerful playbooks to address the needs of rapidly evolving, consumer-facing API and app programs.

But can these external strategies be as effective as “internal” API programs that enable apps for employees and strategic business partners? Can the range of services within an organization be managed using the same “API-first” strategies that have been successful in external programs? Which best practices should be employed?

In this webcast, Chris von See and Bala Kasiviswanathan discussed  how Apigee Edge and an API-first architecture form a foundation for managing internal use cases.

They also discussed:

  • internal use cases that benefit from an “API-first” architecture

  • implementing internal API programs that manage internally focused apps

  • surmounting challenges that arise in the service exposure layer

  • the proper hosting model for your business needs



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